Blauer features a great selection of durable, fire retardent shirts and pants that offers maximun protection in high heat situations. Check out Blauer's 100% cotton NFPA 1975 certified uniforms, which are highly color-fast and will not melt to your skin like polyester blends can when exposed to high heat and flames. Blauer also offers NOMEX, a high-tech polyamide in the Aramid family of fibers. Blauer's NOMEX IIIA is a blend of NOMEX, KEVLAR and carbon fibers. KEVLAR adds strength and durability while carbon prevents static charge of the 100% synthetic fibers. Blauer uses special finishing processes to provide NOMEX IIIA with a soft touch, excellent colorfastness to washing, and permanent flame retardant properties that cannot be washed out or worn away with use. When exposed to very high temperatures and flames, NOMEX IIIA fabric carbonizes and thickens. This reaction increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the wearer. NOMEX IIIA is stable under high heat conditions and will not drip, melt, or burn like ordinary synthetic uniform fabrics made from polyester or nylon.